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G-RSCU To...The Rescue

This is my first attempt at a blog, so please bare with me...

...So there I was, sat at the computer going through the backlog of Royal International Air Tattoo photos when the sound of a helicopter fell upon my ears.

Naturally I turned to look out the window, to be confronted with the sight of the AgustaWestland A109E Power (G-RSCU) of the Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance flying straight towards me at approximately 250ft with the undercarriage down.

Upon seeing the undercarriage down and locked, I soon realised that it was intending to land in the vicinity.

So I immediately grabbed my camera from its bag, attached my long lens and headed for the garden to try and see which of the only two viable landing sites in the immediate area the pilot had chosen.

The pilot had chosen to land in a nearby park, which was well occupied by children, unsurprisingly due to the school holidays, so had to circle the park several times, so that the crew could indicate to those on the ground to clear the area.

This gave me time to leave the house and head towards the park, where, by the time I got there the helicopter had landed, shut down and had been swamped by children and adults wanting to get a close look at the helicopter and ask  the pilot any questions, whilst the paramedics and doctor went to find the patient.

About 20 minutes later the paramedics and doctor returned with the patient and a family member, who were securely placed into the helicopter whilst some local police officers cleared the area around the helicopter and helped the pilot remove some FOD (Foreign Object Debris) which had been dropped near the helicopter.


Once the area around the helicopter had been cleared, the pilot was able to initiate the A109E party piece.

The A109E has a rapid start sequence, which allows the engines to be started and the helicopter to be ready for takeoff in as little as 60 seconds, which is vital in a life critical role such as medical evacuation.

About two minutes after starting, the pilot lifted the A109E off the ground, performing a clearing turn at the same time and departed in the direction of Kettering General Hospital, only 6.5 nautical miles and ONLY 2 minutes 30 seconds flying time away.

The Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance is entirely funded by charitable donations from the public, so please consider a donation to them or any of the air ambulance charities. Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance


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